Passport of the establishment LOCATION AND AREA OF THE FORESTRY: Vitebsk forestry is located in the eastern part of Vitebsk Area and spreads over the territories of Vitebsk, Liozno, Senno, Gorodok and Beshenkovichy Regions. The total area of the forestry comprises 74984 ha, where forest covers 66023 ha.




The territory of the forestry is covered with hills and ranges interstratified by aqua-glacial plains.

The landscape of the territory influences the processes of soil formation and as a result the producing capacity of forest ranges. The rugged topography causes unequal humidification and warming of soil. The water regime of soil highly depends on topography.

In general soil conditions on the territory of forestry are quite favorable for growth of primary forest forming species.




The territory of the forestry is characterized by the developed system of rivers, streams and lakes. From hydrological point of view it can be divided into three basins: the basin of the Zapadnaya Dvina and its inflows: the Luchesa on the left and the Luzhesnyanka on the right, flowing in meridian direction and taking in many rivers.

The plain surface of the territory provides little slope of rivers. The river valleys are usually wide with low banks. According to the type of alimentation and water regime the rivers of the forestry can be classified as plain rivers with snow and rain alimentation. The main river on the territory of Vitebsk forestry is the Zapadnaya Dvina. The major lakes are: the Losvido, the Gorodno, the Streshno, the Moshno and the Skrydlevskoye.




The scope of economic and natural-historical conditions create necessary prerequisites for usage of multiple forest recourses for different purposes. This determined the division of forests according their economic meaning to the groups of forests and protection categories. The major part of forest recourses is covered with forests. Insignificant part of the territory that is not covered with forest is connected with timely reclamation of silvicultural fund.

The forest recourses of the forestry include the plantations of pines – 14.5%, firs – 16.6%, birches – 35.4%, black alder – 6.3% of the territories covered with forest.


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