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Vitebsk is the city situated in the center of Vitebsk Area and Vitebsk Region in the North-East of Belarus.

It is located in the Eastern part of the area on the Zapadnaya Dvina, 281 km in the North-East of Minsk. It is a large traffic center, industrial and cultural center of the North of Belarus.

Vitebsk Forestry was founded in 1936 in accordance with the Decree CEC and CNC USSR as of 02.07.1936 “On Organization of the Main Department of Forest Protection and Foresting”. In 1988 in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Forest Management of BSSR as of 30.05.1988 No 53 on the basis of Vitebsk forestry the Leading Enterprise of Vitebsk Production Forestry Association was founded. In 1996 the Leading Enterprise was renamed into State Forestry Enterprise “Vitebsk Forestry”, from May 05, 2002 in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Forest Management of the Republic of Belarus No 104, the forestry was renamed into State Forestry Establishment “Vitebsk Forestry”.

The area of forest resources on the state of 01.01.2012 equaled 74984 ha, 66023 ha are covered with forest and 70475 ha are wooded lands.


Forests of group  I - 64957 hectares., group II - 10027 hectares. The total reserve of plantations  -  12884.5 thousand cubic metres, including ripe 1502.9 thousand cubic metres.

Saplings occupy the area of  9234 hectares, having the  average age - 34291 hectares, almost ripe - 16262 hectares, ripe and overripe plantings - 6154 hectares. 


Natural and Climatic Conditions


In accordance with plant-forest zoning of the Republic of Belarus SFE “Vitebsk Forestry” is located in subarea of broadleaf-spruce forest, in Western-Dvinsky forestry area. Its territory belongs to Surazhsko-Luchessky complex of woodlands.

The forests of the enterprise are located in the southern part of Surazhskaya lowland on the outskirts of Polotsk lowland and Nevelsko-Gorodokskaya upland in the lowland of the Luchessa river.

The climate of the forestry location in comparison with the other part of the territory of the Republic of Belarus is cooler, highly humid with expressed continentality. Climate continentality is expressed by severe winter (average January temperature is – 7.5 Co) and hot Summer (average July temperature equals + 17.7 Co) so annual temperature range has a close to maximum meaning for the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Average annual temperature equals + 5 Co, maximal is 34 Co, minimal is 41 Co. Average annual amount of precipitations equals 600 mm. The duration of vegetative period is 185 days. The last freezes in spring can be seen on 18th-19th of May, the first are in autumn – on 24th-25th of September. The average date of rivers freezing is the 6th of December, the beginning of spring flood is on the 4th – 10th of April. The average date of snow cover emergence is 3rd – 5th of December, the date of snow descent in forests is on 23rd – 28th of March. The average snow blanket thickness is 35 cm; the depth of soil freezing is 65 cm. Relative air humidity equals 69%.

The predominant winds in seasons are: in winter – South-Western and South-Eastern, average speed is 5 mps; in spring – South-Eastern and North-Eastern, average speed is 3,8 mps; in summer – North-Eastern and South-Eastern, average speed is 3,6 mps; in autumn -  South-Eastern and South-Western, average speed is 4,4 mps.

In general the climate of the forestry location can be characterized as a lukewarm, humid and relatively continental.

Climatic conditions are especially favorable for growth of spruce and pine. They are also optimal for the growth of soft-wooded broadleaf plantations: birch, white and grey alder; and the considerable part of forestry is covered by these wood species.


Director   Filinovich Mikhail Nikolaevich


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